“ArroWing Coaching-Escape” package

ArroWing combi package

Looking differently at circumstances and challenges, learning to think otherwise and allow transformation to happen, thriving in a new challenging context. Out of the negative spiral, safe from emotional or physical discomfort, away from demotivation, spared from a possible burn-out and not seeing the way forward anymore !

This is possible through my targeted guidance and the ArroWing concept. It’s my intention to share my knowledge and my hands-on experience because companies need to deal with 'change' and better value the 'Human Capital'.My own experience of 40 years favours trial and error until the desired result is achieved.

I also still learn from the guidance I share, for people with people.

How this can be achieved without pressure, resistance nor physical discomfort. How change can also be 'fun'!

Going through change is not easy and requires a lot of our body and our minds. To make this easier, I am offering a "ArroWing Coaching-Escape" package. Escape for a while, away from it all, after the work sessions enjoy time and peace in my seaside holiday home. Relax in the middle of pristine nature, on breathtaking cliffs, at the foot of a 5 km dune area, with a stunning view over the deep blue sea (Le Grand Bleu) from the cottage on Equihen Plage beach, 'La Fille Sauvage' of Boulogne-sur-Mer, on the beautiful French Opal Coast.

In clear weather you can even see the white chalk cliffs of England across the Channel.

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