Hello, I am Ilse Errygers and this villa is part of my core business in the ArroWing group. As an expert in change processes, I help to find balance in an ever-changing work environment. As a professional, you can relax in a unique, luxurious and exclusive setting where we work towards innovation and change at our own pace. A blissful breakfast followed by a walk in the unspoilt nature or combine the numerous excursions with a delicious dinner in one of the gastronomic restaurants.

These moments are vital for me, the members of the ArroWing group and every team I have supported over the years. The specifically chosen interior of Le Grand Bleu, the soothing atmosphere of 'Le Domaine Sauvage' and the business approach of the ArroWing growth project offer the ideal environment for both business orientation, 1-to-1 support, training and team building. With this unique concept, I give professionals the impetus towards essential business insights for a successful change process.

Do you need more oxygen for your company, team or career? Are you looking for a unique setting with the right customized support? Fill out a request (cta naar request) or let us start with a conversation to map out your needs and wishes!