Feel free to contact me with any questions or for more information about Le Grand Bleu holiday house.



Hello, I am Ilse Errygers and this house is my secret getaway. I am a change management expert. I help people find their balance in an ever-changing work environment. I need my balance too, and this is where I find it. Lazy mornings and breakfast on the terrace, a revigorating swim in the ocean, a long walk on the open, unspoilt beach, a quiet afternoon reading and tanning in the garden, a nice meal at home or in one of the many good restaurants, excursions, a good night's sleep. Those are the moments I need and they are all there within easy reach. I furnished, decorated and equipped the house for myself and that's also how I rent it out. I know the place since 2009 and I want everybody to enjoy it as much as I do, like if you were staying over in a friend's house. Until you get to know the place, you will certainly have questions. That's what this contact form is here for. Let's make it the beginning of a friendly conversation !